Welcome to the Interactive Online Application System (IOAS) of the Ruhr Graduate School in Economics (RGS Econ), hosted on a secure server at the RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research. Applications can only be submitted through this online application system. A valid email address is required. There is no application fee. If for some reason you cannot use the IOAS, please contact us (see "contact" in the top menu).

IOAS for the 2017 intake of our PhD program in Economics is now open. Deadline for applying is March 30th, 2017.

RGS Econ is looking worldwide for applicants to the PhD program with an excellent academic record and a Master, Diploma or equivalent degree in Economics or related fields and high research potential. Early-stage PhD students are also welcome to apply.

Scholarships of Euro 1300 per month for three years are on offer for outstanding students. Applications are welcome from students wishing to specialize in any area of economics.Due to additional funding, we are this year also specifically looking for applicants interested in the area of health economics.

More information on RGS Econ and its doctoral program is available at http://rgs-econ.org. Before submitting an application, please carefully read the information available there.

The program is conducted in English. Hence, a good command of English is a prerequisite. We also require two recommendation letters from university professors. The forms are downloadable in the "application manual" menu. We strongly recommend that you nominate your referees early and give them ample time to write and send us their letters (via email or by mail).

The application process is divided into a number of steps. In a first step, a registration form must be filled out. You will then automatically receive a confirmation via email and your login details on our server. With your login details, you can then fill out the application form and upload documents - in one or multiple sessions and with the ability to replace or delete data and uploaded files at any time until the application deadline.Your application will then automatically be submitted to the selection committee on March 30th. 


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1. Enter the "Tools" menu.

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5. Click on "Tools" in Internet Explorer's toolbar or menu bar.

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Note 1: You can complete or withdraw your application at any time before the application deadline. Please contact us if you want to withdraw your application or have to change your personal information thereafter.


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